Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camels and Lions and Goats, Oh My!

Today we met up with some friends at John Ball Zoo to hang out for a little while. There is a new lion exhibit and I figured Rainah would love that, plus it would be fun to play with some other kids her age. Rainah had a great time and even got to go for a ride on a camel! Didn't quite compare to the Cheyenne Mountain zoo, but it was still lots of fun.

Those are some big fish


Will watching the fish

Cairey, Lucas, and Rainah

Rainah checking out the otters

Cairey bought the kids some super cool suckers that they just loved! Rainah made quite a mess of hers... why do I even think about dressing her in white?

Rainah and Will

Will working on his sucker

Petting the goats; she loved them!


She tried picking this one up!

Cairey really wanted to ride the camel, but her son, Lucas wasn't too keen on the idea, so I loaned her Rainah, who is usually up for anything!

Jen and Will's turn

The new lion exhibit; there are two females and one male, but the male was hiding in his enclosure; apparently last nights storm spooked him

Will checking out the chimps

Lena sleeping away

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Amanda said...

I love the ones of Rainah petting the animals, she loves them!