Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Rainah has had a very busy week to say the least. Today she napped way past her normal time, so I went in to get her up. Usually as soon as I open the door, she pops right up... not today. I stood there watching her for a few minutes and realized maybe she wouldn't wake up if I snapped a few photos. The few times I've tried that, as soon as the shutter clicks she wakes right up... not today! I got to take quite a few... hard with the low light, but some of them are very sweet.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hayden's 6th Birthday

Today Hayden turned 6! How crazy is that?
After our celebration of Rainah's birthday yesterday, we headed back out to the other side of the state to celebrate with the Skivers. Just before we left, mom called and said that they're power went out and word was it wouldn't be back until tomorrow evening. We ended up waiting until after lunch (I figured that way Rainah would sleep in the car). We made a few stops and went straight to Jill and Dave's house where the kids got to play with LOTS of new toys Santa brought.
The party theme was legos and Jill went all out, making 4 different cakes shaped like legos. Dave and Hayden had spent time making lots of different lego things to put around the room as decorations, too. Hayden kept saying how he loves being 6! So cute. Unfortunately Dad had to stay home to keep an eye on the generator but mom made it over for a little while. Justin and Jessica were in Alaska for a New Year's Eve show, so they weren't able to be there either, but Jessica did call and talk to Hayden.
Hayden got lots of great stuff, including, surprise, surprise... Thomas trains! And of course some legos, Leapster games, and other fun stuff.
All the kids had a great time playing with the trains... I think Rainah is quickly becoming a Thomas fan! We had so much fun and were so glad we could celebrate with Hayden!

Trying to keep the little ones out of the way

The Birthday Boy

Rainah digging into the Lego candy

Rainah is still a bit confused... yours was YESTERDAY little girl!

From Justin and Jessica


Ashton and Lorelei, Hayden and Talan, and Rainah all playing trains- can ya feel the love?