Monday, December 15, 2008

"Sitting" with Santa

Rainah and I came out to Novi JUST to see the Twelve Oaks Santa- he ROCKS! We met up with Jill, Hayden, Talan, mom, Jess, and Justin. The theme this year was Polar Express.  The kids got to pretend they were driving a train, pull the whistle, and stand in a huge snow globe (that was Justin's favorite).
Luckily there was no line when we got there.  Hayden had written Santa a letter with some of his Christmas wishes, and he went right over, sat with Santa, and helped him read it. Then Talan went and sat with him for some photos.
Rainah was next up and did pretty good- no tears at least. She just doesn't have time to sit these days, so she was a bit of a wiggle worm. Santa is so patient and gentle with the little ones! We just love him. We got our photos, did a little shopping, and then went back to mom and dads for lunch and playing. Here's some of the Christmas fun:

Driving the train

She loved the whistle

Justin dancing with Talan in the snow globe (can you just imagine what Talan is thinking?)

Naming off all the letters she sees

Hayden and Santa

Talan and Hayden

Santa and Rainah

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