Saturday, May 31, 2008

Batter Up!

It was bound to happen... as big of a baseball fan as daddy is- Rainah can walk, so she should have a bat! Now she just needs to learn the knuckle ball.

Unfortunately, that didn't last too long... it was right back to the chalk. Maybe we have an artist on our hands.

This girl was spying on us for quite awhile!

The signature "lip"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Children's Garden

Since we are members of the Children's Museum, we get reciprocal membership with Frederik Meijer Gardens during May. Unfortunately, we have been so busy this month, we didn't have time to go until today. It was a perfect day to go weather-wise. There were a TON of school groups there, though, which made it a bit annoying at times... with grade-schoolers as far as the eye could see running around the children's gardens, but Rainah kept up and I think only got knocked over once- it didn't even phase her.
Of course, her favorite thing was playing in the gravel pit... had a hard time getting her out of there! But she had a great time and fell asleep on the way home in the car.
As we were leaving we walked by a mom with 2 kids in a stroller and the kid in the front had a monkey backpack. Rainah walked right up and started doing her monkey impression. The mom asked her is she was a chicken, and I pointed at the monkey and said, "she's being a monkey". She cracked up.

Rainah loved watching all the other kids from the school groups

Can't pass by a mirror without walking up to it (and kissing it)

Playing in the treehouse

In the giant bird's nest

Playing in the gravel pit

Takin a cracker break

Smelling the flowers on our way out