Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colorado ~ Day 1

Rainah's second cousin, Sara, who lives in Colorado, is about to graduate from highschool, so we decided to take our vacation out west. I was nervous about flying with Rainah since she is so much more active than the last time we flew (last August), but she did AMAZING! We bought her a seat and had to lug her massive car seat through the airports (and change planes twice!), but we made it with no problems at all. We had to get up at 6:00am, and she only slept for maybe an hour on one of the flights! We got in around 1:30pm (mountain time), got our rental car, and headed to the hotel to drop off our luggage. We grabbed some dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then stopped at the Garden of the Gods to walk around. It was absolutely gorgeous. A thunderstorm was going over some of the mountains and was so pretty to watch. Rainah had a great time running around and playing in the dirt and rocks; she was just glad to be out of that car seat! She had a very long day and finally fell asleep at about 7:30pm (9:30pm our time). She was such a trooper.

**Wow; I just went to hit publish post, and realized how many photos I actually have here; and it's just day one. I'll try to pare down... it's just so hard to pick and choose! Everything was so beautiful!

This is when she started losing her steam, I think

Napping in the middle of the Garden of the Gods


Amanda said...

Haha! LOVE the one with her lip out! AND of course, laying on the sidewalk! Dramaqueen?

Christina said...

Wow! These are gorgeous. I love the "little explorer" in the pictures.