Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colorado ~ Day 5 (Graduation Day)

Graduation Day! Yay Sara! We are so proud of you!!!!! We are so sorry we didn't get to see you actually get your diploma, but I'm glad we could at least make it to part of the graduation and spend a few days together. Rainah just adores you and I hope you can make it out for the wedding in August!!!!
Rainah conked out in the car pretty quick on our drive to the graduation. She has a lot of sleep to make up for. Graduation time changed from 9am to 11am AFTER we made our plane reservations... and our flight left at 2:20pm, so we only made it to the first half hour of graduation. Don has to teach tomorrow morning, so we had to get back.
We made perfect time, and boarded the plane pretty much right as we got to the gate. Rainah did great again. We changed planes once and that all went perfectly. She slept on the second leg of the trip, so that was nice. We got in to Grand Rapids around 9:15pm, got our bags, went to pick up Cheyenne, and pretty much went straight to bed.
We had such an awesome time and Don keeps commenting that it is one of his favorite vacations. We could have easily spent another few days in just Colorado Springs alone.
Thanks, Rob, Sara, and Josh, for letting us crash at your place Friday night! Especially Josh, who had to give up his room!
We miss you guys so much and hope to see you again soon!!!!!!!
Congrats, again, Sara!

Snoozing on the car ride to graduation

The woman of the hour!

Sam, Mom, Robin

Chillin out on the car ride to the airport

Fast asleep- it was a big week for this little one

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Amanda said...

Yay for Graduating! Love the pic of Rainah on the plane, standing in front of the seats, so cute :)