Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Girl Bed: Day Two

After a rough start last night, Rainah was perfectly fine going down for her nap today in the bed. She still doesn't want any of her stuffed animals, and doesn't want to do anything from her old routine, but I'm just glad she went down happily and even slept!

Caught her sleeping

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night One In The "Big Girl" Bed

Tonight did not go quite as smoothly as we would have liked.  We've been hyping this up for awhile now, and Rainah seemed ok with it, but when it came down to it... she was NOT a happy girl.  As soon as we walked in her room, the bottom lip came out and she started wailing that she didn't want to be a big girl, she wanted a baby.  She continued crying and resorted to throwing all of her stuffed animals (which she HAD to have in her crib), out of the bed.  I tried to rock her and sing "the three songs" (Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, and Jesus Loves Me), which were MUSTS in her bedtime routine, but she wanted none of that.  I turned on her sound machine which she also had to have on every night, and she wasn't wanting that either.  I finally told her I would lay with her for a little while and that calmed her down for a bit... after about 15 minutes I told her that I was going to leave.  We spent about an hour listening to her cry and scream that she wanted her crib and she didn't want to be a big girl.  She never did get out of the bed, though, and she eventually did drift off to sleep.  Here's hoping that we have a quite night and all goes well.  It was so heartbreaking to hear her so upset... and I can't believe that she is already big enough to be out of her crib.
Here are a few photos I got in the midst of all of the drama:

Don bought this stuffed dog for Rainah for Valentine's Day when she was 1.  Ever since, she has slept on it like a pillow in her crib.  That isn't happening tonight!  

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rainah's Last Night In Her Crib :(

I thought I would document in photographs (what's new?) Rainah's very last night sleeping in her crib. Tomorrow her mattress is being delivered and we'll be converting her crib into a full size bed.  She seems excited about it, but we'll see how it goes.  She is quite into her bedtime routines, so this will be a big change.  Tonight she just had fun hamming it up for the camera!

Just a comparison- this was taken when Rainah was one month old (January 30, 2006)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainah's First Bowling Trip

A group of us from MOPS have formed some really close relationships and we love to hang out and do things together.  Usually it involves something with the kids, though once in awhile we get an occasional girls night out.  Today we had a family get - together at the bowling alley.  In total there were 19 of us.   Most of the little one's hadn't bowled before, and they had a great time figuring it all out.  They were all really great about waiting for their turns, and usually would just sit on the step and watch.  We were all shocked.  We all had so much fun and Rainah can't wait to go again.

Ready to bowl in her super cool shoes

Had to do a little dance to test them out!


Genevieve, Kalea, Ollie, Simon, and Rainah patiently waiting their turns

Daddy helping Rainah with her first shot

The ball barely made it down the lane

Simon's up

AWWW; so close!

Rainah using the ramp to get a little speed


The final scores

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Year Well-Child Check-Up

Today Rainah went in for her yearly well-child exam.  The appointment went great, and everything is good with her.  She had to get a flu shot, but other than that, no other pokes.  The nurse who gave it to her felt so bad when Rainah started crying and saying, "that hurts".  I held her for a few seconds, then put her down and the nurse asked her if she was ok.  Rainah replied, "I'm ok", with her little bottom lip quivering.  Then the nurse asked if she could give her five and Rainah got a big smile on her face and gave the nurse a high five.
Rainah weighed in at 35.2 pounds and was 38.25 inches tall.