Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainah's First Bowling Trip

A group of us from MOPS have formed some really close relationships and we love to hang out and do things together.  Usually it involves something with the kids, though once in awhile we get an occasional girls night out.  Today we had a family get - together at the bowling alley.  In total there were 19 of us.   Most of the little one's hadn't bowled before, and they had a great time figuring it all out.  They were all really great about waiting for their turns, and usually would just sit on the step and watch.  We were all shocked.  We all had so much fun and Rainah can't wait to go again.

Ready to bowl in her super cool shoes

Had to do a little dance to test them out!


Genevieve, Kalea, Ollie, Simon, and Rainah patiently waiting their turns

Daddy helping Rainah with her first shot

The ball barely made it down the lane

Simon's up

AWWW; so close!

Rainah using the ramp to get a little speed


The final scores

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