Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at the Petersen's

This morning Don and I got up a little early and got ready before Rainah woke up.  He brought her down and she got to go through her stocking... Santa left her a little stuffed Cookie Monster, a few little Dora toys, some fruit, and some candy.  
We got her dressed and then she watched a Dora video while we waited for Aunt Kris, Uncle Will, Isabelle and Stephen to get here from Grand Haven.  
We had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and when everyone got here we had a great time opening gifts.  It took Rainah a little while to figure it all out, but she had fund both opening and watching.  The kids all got some great stuff (and the adults did too!).  Rainah got some legos, some Leapfrog toys and games, a V-Motion game console, and 2 games to go with it, and a few other little things.
We had a nice ham dinner with twice baked potatoes, rolls, and corn, and then lots of fun desserts including cookies, cheesecake, candy, and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.
It was such a great day.  Tomorrow we're heading to Novi to celebrate with my side of the family... another busy day!  Merry Christmas everyone!

The tree on Christmas morning

Rainah checking out the video camera

Watching her Dora video

The Ruiz family arrives

Rainah waiting patiently

Breakfast time

Isabelle's cute overnight bag

Ready for Christmas dinner

Uh oh... Isabelle teaching Rainah all about the Nintendo DS

Dessert time

Rainah loved the candy canes

How cute is that?  

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