Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Rainah has had a very busy week to say the least. Today she napped way past her normal time, so I went in to get her up. Usually as soon as I open the door, she pops right up... not today. I stood there watching her for a few minutes and realized maybe she wouldn't wake up if I snapped a few photos. The few times I've tried that, as soon as the shutter clicks she wakes right up... not today! I got to take quite a few... hard with the low light, but some of them are very sweet.


Amanda said...

What a sweetie :)

The Loucks Family said...

So precious

Nikki said...

Rainah is so adorable! The 2-year pictures were precious and the YouTube video of Rainah and Cheyenne was a stitch.

You have such a treasure! Enjoy!

Love, Nikki