Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Since Rainah and I were already here to see Santa yesterday, we decided we'd make some Christmas cookies while we were there.  Mom made the dough yesterday (and good thing, because she woke up sick this morning).  Jessica, Jill, and Hayden came over and we got to baking.  Hayden LOVES decorating cookies- he brings new meaning to SUGAR cookies.  
We started out with the gingerbread, and then went on to the sugar.  Hayden and Rainah were huge helps- especially with the decorating ;)  It was so cute to watch.  And while we were cleaning up, Rainah and Hayden had some fun play time together.  They chased each other around the house and tossed a ball back and forth.  That's what sugar'll do to ya!

Hayden guarding the icing and sugars

Yeah, she wasn't helping decorate... she was eating

When she thought no one was watching...

Just cleaning up the crumbs!


We're a witty bunch!

Hayden's creations

She missed her nap, so was a bit tired


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