Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jessica's Bridal Shower

Today was Jessica's bridal shower that was given by Jill, myself, Tina, and Jessica's friend, Carrie. We decided to make it an early one and serve a light breakfast at 10:00am. We got up nice and early to go up to the church and decorate- we were there at 7:30am. Everything went smoothly (except for the cake, which we picked up from Costco the day before... this morning we realized it should have been refrigerated, so we had to scrap that and pick up another cake from the grocery store).
We decorated in pink, green, blue, and brown and served muffins, bagels, danish, croissants, scones, coffee cake, punch, tea, and coffee. We also had a LARGE selection of cheesecakes along with the cake. We aren't big game people, so we just did a small photo book with a rhyme/game in it and the last person to end up with the book won that and the centerpiece. We had candy bars with Jess and Justin's initials and their wedding date, and one of them we marked with a heart on the bottom. The person who ended up with that won a gift basket of hair products and a gift certificate for a haircut by the amazing Tina. And then we just set a timer when Jessica was opening gifts and when it went off, the person who's gift she was opening won a prize. There were between 45-50 guests and Jess and Justin got lots of great stuff!
Unfortunately Justin was out on the road, and wasn't able to be there. Jess brought her computer and was hoping to get him on webcam so that he could watch, but since we were in the bowels of that gargantuan church, it was a no go. So, he'll just have to rely on all the photos.
Don brought Rainah up once the party got started and Dave brought Hayden and Talan toward the end. Everyone had a great time and now we are counting down the days to the wedding!

The room coming along

Awesome centerpieces Jess and Jill came up with

Sweet customized candy bars

The bride arriving

Hugs for mom

Starbucks in hand

Checking out the candy bars

Food table

Jess and Tina

Drink table

The food

Jess and Jill

Initials on the dessert table

Jess and Mom

Cheesecakes, etc...


and more gifts

Jill being... Jill

Trying to dial up Justin

Everyone needs a George Foreman!

Rainah hangin out

Rainah and Gaga (she started calling her that today)

"Wait, guys, you mean... I have to vacuum when we get our own place??"

"And clean toilets??"

Melanie hard at work

Honeymoon goodies

The amazing bride and groom Christmas ornament from Jill

All the loot

Melanie's beautiful creation

Jessica and me

The family... Jess, me, mom, dad, and Jill

Rainah and me

Hayden and Rainah... this can't end well...

These two are gonna make lots of trouble together

The hostesses and the guest of honor... Carrie, me, Jessica, Jill, and Tina

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Christina said...

Great shower. Love the decorations! Love Rainah's dress too! The picture of you and Rainah is adorable!!