Monday, April 28, 2008

The past week

Ok, so I realize that I have been obsessing about the way my photos look and the whole post processing thing way too much and it's keeping me from posting as much as I'd like to... I have to remember that this particular blogs purpose is to keep friends and family up to date on what Rainah is up to in her daily life as well as for me to keep track of her growth and development as a mother and have something to look back on and read (I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with the baby book!).
So... I'm going to forget about trying to perfect my photos and focus on what this blog was originally intended for ~ and maybe start another blog to showcase my love of photography.
So here are a few things that we did last week: we started out by hitting the children's museum on Monday since it was a special members only day. Those are nice for us because there are no school groups with older kids running all over the place. They also have food from Qdoba and juice for the kids. Here are some highlights:

Shopping for some fruits and veggies

Rainah's in heaven... mirrors on all sides!

Watch out, Papa! I'm learning!

Hello?? Oh, wait...

The itsy bitsy spider...

it was gorgeous out all week and Rainah just loves playing outside. I bought her some chalk thinking she may enjoy it at some point... and it seems to be her favorite thing to do. She carries it all over the place and once in a while will bend down and make a mark or two. She ends up with way more on herself than on the concrete! This is what happens when you give chalk to a 16 month old:

You can always gauge the humidity by this one's hair!

Back in October we planted a Weeping Willow tree in honor of Rainah's birth; and with the nice weather we've been having, the buds are starting to come out on it (I am so relieved... I hoped it would come back after the winter!)

And last but not least... Rainah has a thing for hats... doesn't like to necessarily wear them, but has to have one to carry around. So she has come up with a new fashion statement... the diaper hat!


Christina said...

I think your pictures look great and that you shouldn't have to stress over them. I LOVE the one with the chalk on her pants! Also, thanks for showing those pictures from Bob the Builder. We have to check that out.

Rainah Noelle said...

Thanks Christina. I go on ILP and the Nest Photo board and just get so frustrated when I look at my photos. I'm not going to get down on myself for her blog, though.

spec ops said...

dude...talan just did that with a diaper the other day but i was too late with the camera.