Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Beautiful Weekend

Michigan winters last FOREVER. It's not too bad until you hit January~ Christmas is over... it's been cold out for a few months already... then you realize you still have at least 3 1/2 more months of cold, cloudy, snowy, rainy weather. We were so happy when Friday it was in the 50's and the rest of the weekend was in the mid and upper 60's. The weather people said we hadn't had a weekend like this since the middle of October: 5 1/2 months ago!!! Needless to say, like most little ones, Rainah LOVED it outside! She spent hours out there running up and down the driveway, around the yard, throwing and kicking balls, climbing over logs, finding sticks to give Cheyenne, running around some more... and she was not happy when we'd have to bring her inside. She is going to have a great time out there this spring and summer! As I type this it is 40 degrees, cloudy, and rainy! But here are some photos to remind us of that brief but beautiful few days:





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Christina said...

Great pictures!!! I love the one where she is wearing the coat and pulling her hat on. I think it would look really cute in B&W..