Tuesday, April 29, 2008

16 Months Old

Those 16 months flew by! I can't believe it. Rainah is changing and growing and learning so much every day. It is so amazing to me the things she picks up on. She's been walking for about 4 months now, and is getting pretty good at running. I love watching her try to keep up - those short little legs just going as fast as they can. She's really enjoying being able to play outside- it's going to be a fun summer.
We started doing sign language with her back in the fall and she picked up on it really quickly. I think that "eat" and "more" came first. The most important ones! She also started doing "diaper" pretty quickly, which was nice - she can tell us when she needs her diaper changed, and many times has signed it AS she is going! She also does "milk", "duck", "bath", "moon", "stars", "hat", "sleep", "book", and others that I'm not remembering at the moment.
She still isn't talking much... her first word was, "All Done" and she uses that one quite a bit... all done eating, all done shopping, etc. Dada was next and she loves calling for him. I am pretty sure that I've made out the word cereal a few times, but it usually comes out as, "rararara". I also think that last night when we were looking at pictures, she tried to say, "Papa" when she saw a photo of dad.
For the most part she is a very happy toddler! A far cry from those colicky infant days. She smiles and giggles a lot. She is very affectionate, and is always coming up behind me and hugging my legs when I'm in the kitchen doing something. She likes to give hugs, too. She doesn't have a lot of time to cuddle, but I can't complain too much.
Her schedule has been pretty much the same for quite awhile now: she wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7:30am, we come downstairs, change her diaper, eat breakfast, read some books, then go upstairs and she sits in her excersaucer and watches Playhouse Disney while I shower and get ready. She always makes sure to gather up my pajamas and take them into our closet and drop them in the laundry basket. We then get her dressed and do our various errands like grocery shopping, etc. We go to Gymboree once a week which she just loves. We also go to the library for Babytime once a week. We try to stay busy, especially in the winter months when we can't go outside to play. She has lunch around noon and then naps from about 1-3pm. Then we spend the afternoon/evening playing, taking a bath, and reading. She LOVES books!
Tomorrow is her well child visit with the doctor (we are a month behind because of an appointment being postponed last time), so her stats will be for 16 months instead of 15. We'll be sure to get the blogged!
In the meantime, here is a quick comparison:

Rainah at 4 months old ~ April 29, 2007

Rainah at 16 months old ~ April 29, 2008

Rainah at 4 months old ~ April 29, 2007

Rainah at 16 months ~ April 29, 2007
(couldn't get Chey on the couch... she's having some major knee problems and can't jump up; she barely can get up the stairs! :( )

On another note, today I went to put Rainah down for her nap and something caught my eye outside. I looked out the front door to see a bunch of deer in the front field. I quick put her down and grabbed my camera. I started counting and came up with 16... then I tried to sneak out the front door to get some photos and realized there were a bunch more on the side of the house. I've never seen that many at one time. It was so cool!

She was so pretty with those white rings around her eyes

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