Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Evening with the Zwarts

Yesterday the Zwart clan came over to hang for a little while. Nothing too exciting; just some good 'ole cookin out on the grill (which I had just put together the night before), good conversation, and the beautiful sound of children playing (and crying and whining, etc...). We started off by making Joel sweep our deck (thanks again!) The kids played for awhile and Rainah was not in a good mood at all. She'd been cranky since Thursday and since I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, I attributed it to teeth coming in. We had dinner, and then let the kids play some more down in the basement. Rainah felt really warm, so I took her temperature and of course it was 102.2! She was kind of just zoning the rest of the night and I felt so bad for her... she wasn't really in the mood to play with Simon and Anna (I hope they still had fun). It was nice for us to have some adult conversation with another couple, too! Simon is getting around great and is just the cutest little guy; I loved listening to him jabber. And Anna is such a great big sister and is a very busy girl playing soccer and taking swimming! Hopefully we can get together lots more this summer!

The new grill... with over 830 square inches of grilling space, baby!

Rainah and Simon doing their own things


Having fun on the roller coaster

Anna posing

Anna on the roller coaster (sadly by herself this time... no Hayden to hang onto!)


Poor, pitiful Rainah :(

Jen and Simon

The Zwarts!!!


Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of those rollercosters?

Jen said...

Great pics! We had a GREAT time - thanks again! We'll have to get together again soon!

Hope Rainah is feeling better :-(