Saturday, December 8, 2007

First visit with Santa

When we went to visit mom and dad for a few days, Jill called to see if we wanted to take the kids to see Santa, and I thought, "why not"? The girl will cry if I give her to almost anyone else to hold (with the exceptions of her daddy, grandma, grandpa, and sometimes Jill and Jessica). So we went over to Twelve Oaks (to see the BEST Santa ever!). I sat her down on his lap and as I started backing away, her lip came out about as far as I've ever seen it (we like to call her Miss Lippy). She cried a little, then would look up at him, then back at me and cry some more. We didn't torchure her for too long, and got some cute pictures. Hayden and Talan did great, too. Talan had to check to be sure the beard was real by giving it a few tugs, and Hayden made sure he gave Santa his list.
Here is the mall photo:

And a few that dad got:


Jen said...

Oh! So cute! She does not look happy, but still absolutely adorable! So glad you got a blog up and running - it is still on my to do list :-)

Em said...

Miss Lippy! I love it!