Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, she’s almost there… Rainah’s first real steps were on Halloween and since then she’s been getting better every day. Sometimes she makes it all the way across a room, usually with her arms flailing above her head. She is always so proud of herself, too. Last night I watched her crawl up about 5 steps - the girl is wearing me out, but it’s so cute and amazing to me! Yesterday she was 11 months- I cannot believe that we will be celebrating her first year in just a month… I try not to think about it because I get teary-eyed every time I do. Right now she’s on the floor with the phone up to her ear!
Right now we’re also dealing with the whole seperation anxiety/mamma’s girl thing. All summer I got called out of chuch EVERY week. Now when I leave her at the nursery for MOPS, she goes into hysterics. They’re great at working with her and are willing to keep her as long as I want, but I know her screaming must get old over 2 hours. Yesterday one of the women asked her if she wanted to go see Mommy and she immediately stopped crying… smart girl! It’s very frustrating for me, and makes me not want to leave her (because I feel bad for whoever has to deal with her)- which probably makes the situation worse. But we’ll keep trying, and hopefully someday she’ll let me out of her site (I’ve been told may times that I was the exact same way)
Here are a few photos from yesterday:


**Danielle** said...

She is so beautiful Jenn. I can't believe she's almost 1!! Any big birthday plans??

aletha jo said...

She is ADORABLE!!!