Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

And so the Christmas season has begun. Yesterday was another fun filled Thanksgiving Day - and Rainah’s first. Don had a comedy show in Mt. Pleasant Wednesday night, so Rainah and I headed to Mom and Dad’s Wednesday morning. Mom had the house in all it’s Christmas glory complete with the Christmas carols playing when we walked in. We spent the night and everyone came over in the morning; even Justin flew in for the festivities. It was a wonderful meal as usual and the the yearly tradition of receiving a Christmas ornament at our place continued. Don got a laptop computer, Rainah got a “First Christmas” ornament personalized with her name, and I got a “Mom’s Favorite” (as did Jill and Jessica). Desserts were amazing as well. Jill, Dave, Justin, and Jess played Catan and Tina came over to hang out as well. Don shared some of his dessert with Rainah and then left to come back to Grand Rapids. Rainah and I spent the night and came back this morning.
Then this afternoon Kris, Will, Isabelle, and Stephen came over with their leftovers and we had dinner with them. We didn’t brave the crowds of shoppers today, but might try tomorrow. It was a great holiday and we’re excited for the Christmas season and watching Rainah enjoy her first. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is walking by then; she has been taking more and more steps almost every day (except the last few days she has been kind of hesitant for some reason). She continues to be a busy girl

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