Sunday, December 16, 2007

The new game

We had a pretty eventful week...

I was just saying the other day that I bought a gate for the stairs, but Rainah has never really messed around on them except to go up and down the first two or three. All of the sudden, now it's a very funny game to climb up them as fast as she can and have one of us chase after her... she laughs EVERY time!

Monday she woke up with a runny nose and continued to get worse throughout the week. Thursday we had our MOPS small group come over for a playdate/ornament exchange. It was fun, but Rainah seemed to get a bit overwhelmed. By the middle of the afternoon she was definately going downhill. I called the doctor on and set and appointment for the next afternoon because she started pulling at her ear a lot. By 5:00, she was beside herself and was crying inconsolably. So Don and I packed up and ran her up to after hours care. She was starting to wheeze a little bit so the doctor prescribed albuterol syrup as well as amoxocyllin because he did see some fluid in her ears. (As you can see, it didn't stop her from eating) She is feeling much better, but still has a horrible sounding cough!

I also finished up decorating for Christmas! We went back and forth about whether to get a real tree or not, but in the end decided to get a fake 9 foot pre-lite tree and will probably go cut down our own when Rainah is a little bit older.

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spec ops said...

oh good. now hayden will have someone to play with him on the stairs!
i'm so glad you finished decorating in time for christmas!