Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poop Goes In the Potty

Ahh yes, we've begun the journey of potty training. I actually bought the potty seat a few months ago since Rainah was showing so much interest. She was taught the "sign" for diaper, and has always signed when she needed a diaper change. She'll even go into the cabinet at mom and dad's and get herself a diaper, wipes, lay out a blanket, and lay down.
I had a hard time with that one in Babies 'R Us... I kept thinking, "I was JUST here registering and now I'm buying a potty seat???" I cried at the cash register.
But it will be nice to be done with diapers... some day. After I got it, she didn't really care too much to go on it. So I let it be.
Then I got the Baby Signs Potty Training kit, which came with a dvd, board book, train whistle, and a parent's book. She LOVES this dvd. Rainah has never really sat and watched anything on tv, so I was surprised she was so into this. She'll watch it over and over. She learned the sign for potty very quickly. At first, though, every time we asked her if she wanted to go on the potty, she would run away, yelling, "all done, all done, all done!" But since then we've gotten her to sit on the potty quite a few times... though she still hasn't actually done anything. Sometimes she'll be playing and will stop for a minute, then turn and look at me and sign potty. We'll run to the potty, but it's too late. At least she gets the concept, though. So here's hoping!

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