Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day Out With Thomas

Cousin Hayden LOVES Thomas the Train, to say the least. He's been going to A Day Out With Thomas since he was 2 years old. Last year Rainah and I joined them at Greenfield Village- it was a cool, rainy, yucky day, but it was still fun. Rainah was a bit young to enjoy it, but this year was a different story. Jill decided to try out Huckleberry Railroad this year, so Don, Rainah, and I met up with everyone else this morning. Mom, Dad, Jess, Dave, Jill, Hayden, and Talan were all there. We had an 11:00 train ride, and got there around 10. We walked around a bit, then got in line for the train where Jill almost got into a fist fight with a family who cut in line.
The train ride was beautiful and was 40 minutes long. Rainah was really good and had fun looking out the window and reading her map.
After the ride we had a picnic lunch, and then hit all the activities, including Rainah's personal favorite, the bounce house! She saw that thing when we first got there and couldn't wait to get her shoes off and get in there. We also saw some farm animals, got to color, and go on some rides, including a carousal that went pretty fast! I thought Rainah would like a Thomas (temporary) tattoo since she loves to get stamps on her hands at Gymboree. She let the lady put it on, but as soon as she saw it on her arm, her little lip came out and she sobbed. No idea why, but it was pretty funny. It was such a gorgeous day and we had a great time! Rainah fell asleep in her stroller as we were walking to the car and slept for most of the drive.

Rainah and Grandma

Hayden waiting to get going

Rainah watching out the window

Hayden (whose head was out the window the whole time)

Talan chillin out with his dad

Some good reading


The Skiver boys

Jill, Talan, and Dave enjoying a picnic lunch

Dad, Rainah, and Mom

Rainah sharing with Papa

Talan and Hayden with Thomas

Rainah with Thomas

Hayden TRYING to have his picture taken, but little brother isn't making it easy!!

Rainah got to the top and didn't realize it was a slide. She just stood up there trying to jump and bounce.

Hayden finally had to go back and get her to come down... and then she didn't slide... she walked.

Thanks, Hayden!

Rainah and Talan coloring with Aunt Jessica

My little engineer

My punk rock baby... gettin her first tatt

That sponge and water is brutal... but she recovered nicely... soon she'll have a full sleeve

Riding the carousal

The little train ride.

This was at the end of the day and she was really tired.


Hugs for Aunt Jessica

At the end of the day


Courtney said...

Cute pictures!! How fun that she has cousins so close in age.

Amanda said...

That first picture is great! Looks like such a fun time with Thomas!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!
Jen can you e-mail me at my work e-mail. I had a few questions for you.

Vanessa said...

Great pictures!! Looks like so much fun!

Nikki said...

Great pictures and a fun experience for Rainah (as well as for the whole family). Cherish these special moments! Thanks for sharing them with us, too.