Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jessica and Justin: The Wedding

What a perfect day!  We started out by meeting up at Vanity Salon in downtown Plymouth to have our hair done and get ready.  Jacinda was so awesome to let us take over their upstairs!  I left Don at the hotel with Rainah (who was napping) and mom, Jill, and Tina were already there.  Jess and Tina showed up a little bit later.  Everything went so smoothly and we were some pretty hot looking women if I do say so myself.  
Don brought Rainah over to the salon around 2:00 and then Dave brought Hayden and Talan; we managed to get them all dressed and ready.  Rainah wasn't very happy about wearing shoes, so I ended up just letting her go barefoot.  Tec, the photographer came over and took a few shots of all the action and then we all walked over to Kellogg Park.  The kids all got down the aisle (for the most part... Rainah wasn't very happy, but she eventually made it; once someone came and got her she decided to scream and cry throughout the ceremony- luckily Don kept her over on the other side of the park).  The ceremony was beautiful and it was a perfect day- sunny and not too hot.  Jessica looked so amazing and happy... as did Justin.  
After some photos we took off for the reception at Barnstormers.  Dinner was yummy, the cake was gorgeous, and the dj (Dave) rocked the house.  The kids all did great considering what a long, crazy day it was and Jill had to practically pry Talan off the dance floor.  
We are so glad to have Justin as a part of the family!  Thank you for making my baby sister so happy!  And now... sit back and enjoy (sorry- I really did try to not put TOO many photos up)!
**disclaimer... many of these were not taken by me!  I tried, but for some reason Jessica did not want me walking down the aisle with a camera around my neck- what's up with that?



The flowers

Jessica about to be made - up

like she needs any of this anyway... she's so naturally beautiful!

Jill lookin lovely

The Teenster

Jessica and Tina

Awww; she cleans up nice!


Tec the photographer

Rainah, the Flower Girl

Even she knows she's cute

The dress

The bride

Rainah trying to hug her cousin, Talan

Jessica and Teresa

Jessica and Jill

Jessica and me

The Skiver men

Photo time

Walking to the park

The pastor and Justin

Grandma and Grandpa


The wedding party

Moe and Tina

Glenn and me

Jeremy and Jill

Dave and the boys

Don trying to coax Rainah down the aisle

Not too happy

Dave giving some last minute instructions to Talan

Talan making his way down the aisle

Dad and Jessica

This can't be good...


Me - man, my allergies were bad that day!  ;)



What Don dealt with through the whole ceremony

Just a friendly reminder to STAY OUT of the water

The guys

Two words... W-OW!
(.... the camera, people, come on!  nice camera!)

Poor Hayden ended up being ushered away from the fountain

The kiss

Much happier now that she's with mama

The Kellogg's and their catches & offspring

Dad, Jessica, and Mom

Jessica and Mom

Mom, Dad, Jessica, Justin, me, and Jill


Me, Jill, Jessica, Tina, and Teresa

Aunt Jessica

Tina and me

The cake- this was the design of their invitations

The decor

Aunt Robin and Mom

The Wish Tree

Ready to dig in

Ready to get his little groove on

Justin and Jessica had a special dance with Rainah, Hayden, and Talan; everyone loved it

This nut sure didn't fall far from the tree, huh?

Genius... a kabob stick in a cupcake ready to be launched from a jack-in-the-box

Talan... still going

Hayden breakdancing the night away

She has mastered the sommersault and now must do them everywhere she goes

Later, dudes!

Wait... what did we just do????

This... I can only explain by saying, it's dad!
(Actually he seems to have lost some weight since his fitting and his pants were falling down all day; by the time he got home and started unloading the cars, they wouldn't stay up... so this is the result)


Christina said...

Jenn, these pictures are spectacular!! Have you ever thought about doing wedding photography?? And Rainah just looks adorable!

Amanda said...

GORGEOUS pictures Jenn!

Courtney said...

The pictures turned out beautiful!! Looks like a fabulous wedding! Rainah is SO adorable.

Courtney said...

The pictures turned out beautiful!! Looks like a fabulous wedding! Rainah is SO adorable.