Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cannonsburg Coming Home

Today, our little town of Cannonsburg had a fun little festival we wanted to check out. They had things going on all day and Don said we should be neighborly, so we went to hang out for a little while. When we first got there there were duck races going on... Rainah got to decorate her own wooden duck and then we dropped it from a bridge into the river. Rainah's duck was actually ahead the entire time until the very end, when he got stuck in a still part and had to be fished out. It was very exciting. Then we walked down to the petting farm, where a woman had brought a bunch of her animals including a sheep, some goats, and a tortise. After that Rainah got to go for a horseback ride. We had fun and we love our little Cannonsburg... especially the gas station!! :)

Decorating her duck

Dropping the ducks

Way ahead of the pack

and now he's stuck

Ducks and bunnies



She's an old pro


Vanessa said...

How fun! I bet the duck race was exciting! I really Cannonsburg...that's where we go for motorcycle rides. I love the gas station too! ;)

Leslie said...

How fun Jenn! I wish I would have known about this--Audrey loves horses. Rainah is so cute riding horseback! Did they have it at Townsend Park? We were just up there playing the other week.