Sunday, June 29, 2008

18 Months Old

Today Rainah turned 18 months old! Unbelievable! I felt like those 9 months I was pregnant would never end... but these past 18 months have gone so fast. It is bittersweet... I miss my "baby", but I LOVE watching her grow and learn and do new things. It is so amazing. She is so amazing.
Today we were putting an alphabet puzzle together and she picked out several different letters when I asked her for them... the letters "D", "O", and one other one I can't remember. Don just looked at me like, "did she just do that?". She is getting really good at her colors and usually gets them all right when you ask her. I think sometimes she picks the wrong color just to make sure you're paying attention. She knows body parts very well, too. She still isn't talking too much (at least that you can understand), but you can tell she is really trying. Her favorite word is "dada". She says it as soon as I open the door to get her up in the morning. And she says it many times throughout the day as if she is asking where he is.
She also is getting very good at all of her animal noises. She's been doing a lion since she was about 8 months old; it's so cute. Now she can make sounds of a dog, cat, elephant, owl, monkey, tiger (pretty much the same as a lion), cow, horse, goat, sheep, and pig. Oh, and a chicken. Whenever you say the word chicken, she says, "buckbuck!". Ask her if she wants chicken to eat and she bucks. It's hilarious.
She still loves reading and probably does that more than anything. Her new favorite is the look and find type books. She also loves to go to the park and go down the slides.
She is starting to try to walk down steps by herself and the last few days practices from our fireplace hearth. She hasn't made it yet, but tried for about 10 minutes the other day. She's nothing if she's not determined! She's also able to get up on couches and chairs by herself and is a bit of a monkey.
She is doing great in swimming classes and we are still going to Gymboree. During the summers we are also doing a music class through Gymboree and she is loving that.
Along with all the other things she is getting good at, she's also perfecting the temper tantrum. She's got a good arm and can throw a book across a room if you don't read it to her right when she wants. The worst is probably the screaming... at ear piercing decibels. Especially in the middle of a store. I got my first "look" from a woman in Target the other day as Rainah was having an "episode". I know everyone goes through it, but it can be so embarrassing. I've found that reacting to it makes her get even more riled up, so I have been trying to just ignore it, as hard as that is.
We are just so in love with this little one and pray everyday that we are raising her well!
Here are a few photos from our trip to the park today and a little half-birthday treat she got before bathtime:

She wants to get in that water soooo bad!

Clapping for herself after she goes down the slide


Courtney said...

sooo cute! she is so precious! love the popsicle pictures!

jennifersadler said...

these are my favorite set of pictures :) Cheyenne and Rainah are adorable together!