Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Swimming Lesson

We recently signed Rainah up for swimming lessons. I love the water. And I'd like Rainah to be safe and comfortable in it, too. It's hard to find places who give lessons to such a young age, but we found an athletic club not too far from us who start at 5 months.
In a few previous posts, I mentioned that she was NOT enjoying it. The last time she was in a pool was last August when we were on vacation in Sedona, and she was fine with it then.
Our first lesson she cried the whole time. The teacher said it was normal and to just keep acting like it was lots of fun so she knew it was ok. I have never felt her hold on so tight to me. Arms around my neck and legs wrapped around my waist. It was kind of funny.
The second week, when we walked in the front door of the club she started crying and clinging to me. She did a LITTLE bit better, but still cried most of the time. The teacher said that a lot of times it takes little ones about 3 weeks to get over their fears and each week gets better.
So little by little, each week got better. (We did miss one class when we were in Colorado.).
Last week was great. She didn't cry at all. She still seemed a bit leary, but was definately feeling more comfortable.
Today... the last class of this session... I step onto the first step... no tears. As soon as we were all the way in the water, she flipped herself onto her back and wanted to be on her back (I was still supporting her). The teacher looked at me and asked where my daughter had gone. I put her on her stomach and she started kicking and moving her arms all around in the water. The whole class went like this. She had a great time.
I rushed home and signed up for the next session. :)
Of course I couldn't get many pictures since I'm in the water with her the whole time, but I did get a few at the beginning and the end... and the teacher even took a few:


Shawn said...

Go Rainah!!! I definitely need to get Grace signed up for something like this!

Em said...

Jenn, I commend you for getting her started so soon! I was a swimmer from her age on, and all through high school. It's still my exercise of "choice."

And she looks like she is having a blast!! Way to stick with it!

Courtney said...

So glad she enjoyed the swimming lessons in the end! She looks so cute! My parents have a pool so I'm hoping to teach Myah this summer how to swim. I think it is so important!