Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was so much fun with all three kids being totally into it. We started bright and early with a yummy breakfast that mom whipped up and TONS of gifts. You'd think these kids had actually been good this year! It was great all being together! Among many other things, Hayden and Talan got this year's hot gift... Zhu Zhu Pets, which they all loved playing with. Rainah got a few games, a Leapster, a personalized book from Grandma and Papa, and a "Big Sister" shirt to announce the news that we are expecting.
We had a fabulous traditional ham dinner and then vegged out pretty much the rest of the evening between all the yummy desserts and chasing after over-tired children. It was a great day, though- next year will be even crazier with FIVE little ones! WoW!

Rainah in awe of ALL the gifts

Hayden and his Pez Dispenser

The kids checking it all out


Hayden and Talan warming up for the days events

Rainah getting her personalized fairy tale book- she LOVES it!

Pop beads rock!

Rainah "helping" Papa with his gift

Dad's new netbook from everyone

Rainah opening her "sponges" - Santa listened!

The "Big Sister" shirt

Mom getting a back massager

Talan germing up Uncle Justin's Starbucks cup

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