Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rainah Turns Three!

Today, our baby girl turns three years old!  Time sure flies.  Such a crazy time of year for a birthday- we were at mom and dad's for a few days for Christmas, then came home to prepare for the party.  Aunt Lynne flew in from Arizona the night before and helped set up this morning.  
This year we had an owl theme- I made a fun banner to hang and an owl cake that I'm not quite sure actually looked like an owl, but, oh well.  
Jill, Hayden, Talan, Jessica, and Justin came out as well as mom and dad.  Aunt Kris and Isabelle also drove in from Chicago.  Our friends Jen, Joel, Anna, and Simon also came over to celebrate.  
Rainah got lots of great stuff, including some fun games, a doll house, movies, and Leapster games.  She also got a play kitchen.  
After all the gifts we sang "Happy Birthday" (which put a huge smile on her face), and ate cake and ice cream.  The kids all had fun playing together and Rainah had a great day.  
We have been prepping her for potty training, telling her that when she is 3, there are no more diapers.  She took that quite literally and wore underwear, making me a nervous wreck most of the day, but it was cute.  
We also were Day Sponsors again this year for Way FM, our local Christian radio station, so throughout the day our message played.
Rainah was whipped by the end of the day, but more partying is to come tomorrow as we drive back to the other side of the state for cousin Hayden's birthday!  
Happy Birthday, Rainah- we LOVE you sooo much!

The cake

The goody bags included handmade owl magnets and necklaces, pencils, crayons, stickers, straws, and paper.

Cute owl balloons

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Christina said...

LOVE IT! The last picture is adorable! That Melissa and Doug cookie set is a huge hit in our house.