Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Visit With Santa

Rainah and I went over to Novi for a few days and had to make a trip to see the amazing Twelve Oaks Santa.  We met up with Jess, Justin, Jill, Hayden, Talan, and Mom and Dad.  The kids were all great and went willingly right up to Santa, telling him what they wanted.
Rainah told him that she wanted sponges.  Yes, that's right, sponges.  Now, you might be thinking... "Yep, that's Jenn's daughter... NEAT FREAK".  But actually, she loves those little capsules that you put in water and they turn into little sponge shapes.  They are her favorite bath toy.  I'm not sure how Santa reacted to this request, but he didn't seem phased by it.  After the pictures, Santa gave the kids a Polar Express train that you could put your picture in- just a cardboard type frame.  At the end of it was a ticket they could tear off.  Later, when it was bath time, Rainah had to run and find it and wanted to turn it into me to get her sponges.  It took me a few minutes to put it all together, but apparently she thought Santa gave that to her in order to get her sponges.  I had to explain that Santa would not be bringing them until Christmas.  So funny how their brains work sometimes!

Hayden, Talan, and Rainah- the cousins

I have no idea why she is making this face, but she chose today to do it every time we asked her to smile

Driving the Polar Express

Playing in the "snow"- which we can't figure out why they would put right BEFORE the photos with Santa!

Santa talking to Talan and Hayden

Santa reading Hayden's letter

Rainah's turn

Here comes the silly smile

Getting her "ticket"

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