Sunday, December 6, 2009

A MOPS Family Christmas Mexican Fiesta

For the holidays, a very exclusive group of amazing families decided to get together for a Mexican Fiesta, which was held at our place. In total there were 10 adults and 10 kiddos
(unfortunately we were missing the 3 Boivins and they were VERY missed!) Everyone brought super yummy Mexican food- we had chicken fajitas/tacos, rice, chips, dip, guacamole, some amazing deserts (including fried ice cream), and Jen's delish sangria.
The kids all had a great time playing together (and he little ones put on quite the fashion show), but the highlight for them was the Pinata, which proved to be very difficult to break open, even for the older ones. There was an assortment of weapons for them to choose from to hit the pinata, including light sabers, hockey sticks, and hatchets (all toys, of course). Surprisingly, no one got hurt, and everyone got some fun stuff.
We had so much fun... hopefully this will turn into an annual event!

Ollie- he is NOT a happy boy when his heels won't stay on!

Rainah and Simon discussing who will strut the catwalk first


Rainah, Simon, and Leah

Genevieve (aka Fairy Princess)

The Pinata

Rainah chooses her weapon

Simon's attemp

Genevieve had quite the swing

Kalea has at it





Ollie tries again

Rainah (can you tell she isn't very familiar with weapons?)


Courtland finally finished it off

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