Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Gardens and Fireflight with Grandma and Papa

Today was a gorgeous day and we decided to go hang out at Meijer Gardens in the morning. Mom and Dad have only been to see the butterflies and it's always freezing out, so today they got to check out the OUTSIDE part. Rainah showed the around the Children's Garden and Papa showed her how to douse Grandma with the water squirters.
After enjoying the gardens we headed home, had some lunch, and packed up to head to Muskegon to the Unity Festival where Fireflight was playing. We got there and had to wait in line for about an hour (thanks a lot, Jill!), and once we finally got in we found Jessica who was just finishing setting up the merch table. We walked around, got some yummy eats, and hung out to watch the bands. Rainah had a great time and it was so great to see Jess. Unfortunately we weren't able to talk with the rest of the band as there was a HUGE line of people waiting for autographs- we're so happy they are doing so well! Here's a few photos from the day (I wasn't allowed to take my DSLR into Unity Fest- I was yelled at last year for using a camera like that... this year they had signs everywhere... what's up with that???):

That is one big horse

Rolling down the hill

Fireflight taking the stage

Sweet, quiet, Uncle Justin

Rainah dancing


Uncle Justin

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