Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Afternoon At the Beach

Yesterday Jill, Hayden, Talan, Jessica, Mom and Dad all came out to our side of the state for a few days. Yesterday we hung out at the house and we cooked out, then celebrated Dad's, mine, and Don's birthdays.
This morning we woke up and it was chilly and cloudy out. Everyone was hoping to go over to Grand Haven and play on the beach for awhile, but it didn't look promising. Luckily, mom contacted a friend who lives out there, and she said it was sunny and beautiful there, so we packed up and headed out. So glad we did, because it ended up being a gorgeous day and so much fun. Hayden was in the water before we even got halfway down the beach and swam around like a fish most of the time. Jill was the only "adult" brave enough to get in (the water was about 71 degrees). The kids had so much fun in the water and sand and we had a great time taking tons of photos as usual:

Hayden, Rainah, and Talan

Talan wasn't too sure about the water...

but he had fun anyway, running around doing "skateboard tricks"

Rainah had to show us how she could put her head under, too... maybe just a little too close to shore!

Talan Cash

These two are nothing but trouble when they get together!

Jill was able to get some of her frustration out on Hayden today, without him really even knowing it

Aunt Jessica and Talan

Talan's "Baywatch" pose

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