Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time for the Fair

I can't believe it's already the middle of August- and time for the county fair! Today we got to ride the rides for free through a reading program at the library. We met up with some friends and they had a great time on the rides together. At one point Rainah and I waited in line for quite awhile to ride on a roller coaster. As we moved up in line, she noticed some kids in front of us weren't paying attention and she kind of snuck her way up. As she was going up the steps, the ride attendant pointed at her and looked at me, saying she was too short! She missed the cut off by about 1/2"! Poor thing. We had fun anyway, and Don was able to meet us up there for a little bit. Rainah loved the animals, but took a strong liking to the cows for some reason. There are always the sweetest kids who own the animals and are so nice, letting Rainah pet them (and even kiss them!). The whole way home she was asking if we could go back to the fair. I'm so glad she likes it so much! Maybe she'll have an award winning steer someday (and we'll dedicate it to you, Kim!)

Yes, she is mooing

She sat on this bench "baa-ing" and those two sheep looked at her like she was crazy the whole time

She LOVES the carosal

Already plotting which ride to get on next

She sat like this the ENTIRE ride... I couldn't stop laughing

Reese and Rainah having fun on the caterpillar ride

She could have fallen asleep on this heffer

She saw all these kids laying on top of and next to their animals and she wanted to, too!

Getting cow kisses

And giving cow kisses

So cute!

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