Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zhender's Splash Park

Yesterday after our Day Out with Thomas, Don took us to Frankenmuth to stay and play at the Zehnder's Splash Village. I was not feeling well, which was a bummer, but as soon as we got there we put on our suits and went to check it out. Rainah was a bit overwhelmed at first, but started to get into it. We left around 4:00 to go to the Zehnder's restaurant and got our yummy chicken dinner. When we got back to the hotel Rainah wanted to go back to the water park, but she was exhausted (as were we), so we just hung out in the room and went to bed.
This morning Rainah was up nice and early (6:30) and wanted to go swimming. The water park didn't open until 10:00, so we walked around the hotel, got some breakfast (and coffee), and took some pictures. We went back to the room and Don was just getting up. We got our suits on and went down to the water park and played all morning. She had a great time and even got brave enough to go down the little water slide (which she refused to do yesterday). It was a great time and a wonderful birthday gift from my wonderful hubby- I just wish I had felt better! It was super hard for me to get good photos because of the lighting in there, but here is what I did get:

Last night at Zehnder's Restaurant

Watching the horse and carriage in Frankenmuth

At the hotel; Rainah looking down into the lobby

More of the lobby from our floor

The splash park through the windows

Rainah playing in the water

The big bucket filling up...

Starting to dump out

That's a lot of water!

The steps up to one of the big water slides

The little kids play spot- the purple water slide is the one it took awhile for her to go down; but once she did she LOVED it

This chicken was roaming around the restaurant last night and the water park this morning. Every time Rainah saw him, she would run up to him and say, "buck buck buck"

She LOVED the hot tub

The lazy river

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