Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rosy Mounds Grand Haven

Today Rainah and I went back out to Grand Haven to hang out with Kris, Isabelle, and Stephen. We went over to Rosy Mounds and had a beautiful walk through the woods, with a picnic lunch in the middle. I path ended at Lake Michigan and there were gorgeous sand dunes all around. We got a few photos and rested up for the long hike back (LOTS of steps). It was so gorgeous and a perfect day for it- not too hot! Rainah just loves being with her cousins and they seem to have lots of fun with her, too!



Stephen, Rainah, and Isabelle


Stephen and Rainah with their heads together... nothing good can come of that :)


Rainah and me

Kris showed Rainah how to "pose like a princess"

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