Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Trip to the Toledo Zoo

This morning, Rainah and I tagged along with Jill and the boys and Heather Wood and her kiddo's on their annual zoo trip. Nancy and Isaac also came along to hang out with us. Usually they hit the Detroit Zoo, but this year they decided to try out the Toledo Zoo. It was a gorgeous zoo with a great layout and lots of things to see and do. It was a gorgeous day and the kids were all really great- most of them even crashed in the car on the drive home.
Thanks for letting us come along and Happy Birthday, Jill!

Rainah, Hayden, Ellanore, Henry, and Cordelia watching the seals swimming

All clearly terrified of this polar bear

Checking out the polar bear

See his little face smooshed in the corner??

Our monkeys watching the monkeys- they were great... chasing each other all over the place (the monkeys, not the kids)

Cordelia, Talan, Henry, Hayden, Ellanore, Isaac, and Rainah

Rainah LOVED this gorilla for some reason

Really loved it

Yep, she's still on the gorilla

Isaac, Hayden, and Rainah (who was obviously not cooperating)

The aquarium

The bird that tried to carry my baby away

Hippo butt

Henry and Ellanore

Rainah and Talan seemed to like each other's strollers more than their own

And each other's snacks

The adorable Cordelia

Rainah, Henry, Talan, Hayden, and Ellanore

Ellanore and Henry on the safari train

Heather, Cordelia, Me, Rainah, Isaac, and Nancy

Carousal ride

Talan and Jill

Heather, Cordelia, Henry, and Ellanore

Talan, Jill, and Hayden

Nancy and Isaac

Rainah and me

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