Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

This year for Halloween, we decided to go to mom and dad's again (since there's not a whole lot of trick or treating going on on our street!). Don couldn't make it since he was still catching up from all the work he missed while he was in the hospital, so Rainah and I went over together. Jill and Dave and the boys go over there, too, and mom usually makes her awesome chili. Then we dress the kids up and head out. This year it was so beautiful outside- it got up around 70 degrees. We played with the kids for a bit outside before we ate. We are so lucky it was so nice out... I remember as a kid it would sometimes be SO cold!
We go the kids in their costumes and attempted to get some photos. Rainah did better than I thought she would with the costume considering the last two times I put it on her she freaked out. We started on our way to the first house and pretty soon after that she started whining... and crying... and wanting to be carried. She was not very pleasant. Jill had the wagon but she wouldn't ride in it. I eventually grabbed a sucker out of her stash and suddenly all was well. Hayden was all about hitting as many houses as he could and it was hard to keep up! Talan did great, too, with a little help from Dave. Mom and I eventually went ahead to take Rainah home since she was not having a very good time. A little later I realized she felt warm, and when we took her temperature it was 101, so that would explain her being such a pill. All in all it was a fun time and I got some good candy out of the deal!

Talan having fun playing outside

Grandma, Talan, and Hayden

That's our Hayden

The costume

Our proud little peacock


Not easy to get a group shot with these guys!

Rainah decided to put on Spidey's gloves for some reason.

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