Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playhouse Disney Live

Today I, along with Jill and Dave, took Rainah, Talan, and Hayden to see Playhouse Disney Live at the Palace. We'd been planning this outing for a long time and I had no idea how interested Rainah would be. She loves watching Little Einsteins on television, so I was hoping she'd have fun. Despite it being right in the middle of nap time, she had a great time and was very good. Hayden and Talan were great, too, though Talan did crash in the middle of the show. Rainah waited until we started driving home to conk out. We had a great time!

Ready for the show to start

Hayden super excited

The Little Einsteins

Mickey and Minnie

Talan was not so impressed

Goofy, Donald, Handy Manny, Minnie, and Mickey

The whole gang

Rainah dancing

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