Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brush Hog Heaven

When we first moved into our home, we had the option of purchasing about a half acre that was a separate lot in front of the house. We decided to do it so that no one came in and built there. It was all just wild growth and in the last couple of years has gotten pretty thick. We've been talking about having it cleared out and turning it into a yard, and finally decided to go for it. This morning I was running some errands with Rainah and when we got home the guy was here and just about finished brush-hogging it; it is amazing how much bigger it makes the area look. Rainah and I ventured out to check it out and play outside for awhile:

Rainah clearing the leaves from around her tree

That whole area behind where she's standing used to be overgrown

Rainah's famous last words... "ONE MORE"



The Loucks Family said...

I love her sweater - totally Baby Gap, right? E has one in boy colors :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh She is getting so big Jen. Love it! She is super cute!
Love the slide. Can we come over and play? Well when Ethan can walk. LOL.