Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Fall Trip to Klackle Apple Orchard

Last year my MOPS group went to Klackle's Orchard and mom and dad came out to check it out with me, Don, and Rainah.  It was a very cold day, and Rainah was only about 10 months old, but we still had fun and it was a really cool place with lots of fun things for the kids to do.  So this year when MOPS said that they were going to a different orchard I was kind of bummed out.  Then Don was in the hospital for a few days and I didn't get to go with them anyway, so when Don was released we decided to take Rainah back to Klackle's.  We went on a Sunday because they do a lot of extra activities on the weekend that they don't do during the week.  They didn't open until noon, and we got there at about 11:40 - the line of cars was already huge.  We parked and walked over to pay and realized that this might be a mistake as the crowd kept getting bigger.  We went in and the first thing Rainah wanted to do was go in the Bounce House- she loves those things.  So we let her jump around for awhile, then somehow coaxed her out and went on to some other activities.  It was an unusually warm day; around 80 degrees, so it didn't feel very much like a fall activity.  There was an elephant and camel giving rides, a petting farm with turtles, a donkey, a llama, lots of bunnies, and pigs.  There were also rides on a firetruck, and some enchanted pumpkins.  We rode the pumpkins out to a pumpkin field.  They said that they didn't have a good crop this year, and they were all really small.  Rainah carried one around for awhile but eventually lost interest.  Then we walked over to the apple orchard and picked a few apples, then rode a wagon back to the entrance.  It was getting uncomfortably hot and the crowd was just insane, so we left around 2:00.  Rainah had a good time and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  This is such a fun place and hopefully will become a yearly tradition!

In the bounce house

Playing in the dirt; another favorite of hers

Whatever works for ya, Rainah

This looked fun; a tractor pulling some barrel cars

She was loving it

Until the tractor drove off with her... she was NOT happy

Still crying

Yep... you could hear her screams over the tractor

She found a cute little pumpkin

The Enchanted Pumpkins that brought us out to the pumpkin patch

The girl loves her apples

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