Saturday, March 15, 2008


This morning we attempted to go check out the Blandford Nature Center for their annual Sugarbush. It didn't start out too great, as we had totally wrong directions, but once we found our way, we began with a pancake breakfast featuring REAL maple syrup. Rainah dug right in and ate 2 pancakes and a little sausage, then spent a few minutes running around the cafeteria. We then headed over to the nature center and of course Rainah wanted to walk everywhere herself... through all of the nasty, sticky mud. With the uneven ground and areas of snow, she had a hard time staying upright. There was a one room schoolhouse and other old buildings where people showed different aspects of tapping the trees and making the syrup. Rainah went downhill pretty fast (I think she wasn't feeling well on top of continuing to fall, and it being cold), so we weren't able to do as much as we wanted, but here are the few photos I got:

In the schoolhouse

The one room schoolhouse

Rainah walking the trail

First spill of the day

Tapped tree

Some great horned owls (there were some other animals, too, but we didn't get to see them all as Rainah was starting her meltdown)

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