Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rock n Roll Girl

At the tender age of 14 months, Rainah got to attend her very first concert! Justin's band, Fireflight played at Aquire the Fire in Grand Rapids, and we were put on the guest list! I made special shirts for the kids to all wear and they turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself! We got there around 11:15 and met up with Jessica and Mom. Jill, Dave, Hayden, and Talan arrived shortly after and we got to watch the band's sound check. The kids all had fun running around, "dancing", and watching all the lights. They had a few hours to kill before they played, so we went to lunch, and then hung out until they played. We got to sit in the VIP section and we all had an awesome time. The kids all danced and clapped and yelled and screamed. They all did great with such a long day and we had lots of fun too! As Hayden said, "Justin, your band is AWESOME!"

Rainah at the show (in her Fireflight Security shirt)

Hayden during the sound check

Talan on stage with Justin

Rainah and Talan


Dawn sound checking

Sound check

The show

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