Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Babies, Some Flowers, and a Very Busy Toddler

The other day we discovered a nest under out deck and realized there were some babies in it. Tonight I pulled out the ladder and it wasn't until I got up there that I realized they were about to leave the nest. They were so still, it took me a minute to figure out that they were really alive. It was very hard maneuvering with my camera and flash under there, but they were easy subjects and I got a few shots.
Rainah and I went for a walk and found lots of pretty flowers, so I pulled out my 100mm to play a bit. And of course, I had to take a few of Rainah, too! :)

This trike has turned into yet another thing that I end up pushing while carrying Rainah... much like the stroller!

But once in awhile she likes to push, too.

And if I'm really lucky, she'll ride for a bit (hasn't mastered peddling yet)

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