Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fireflight Rocks the Coast

Today Rainah and I headed out to Michigan's Adventure for "Rock the Coast" to see Fireflight play. We got to the park around 2 and met up with Jill, Tina, Jess, and Justin, who had just gotten off of a very short roller coaster ride. Rainah wouldn't go on anything by herself at first, so we went on some of the smaller rides with her, then went over and "helped" Jessica set up the merchandise. Rainah loved the carousal and we ended up going back on that quite a few times. Everyone was excited to go on Thunderhawk, but it wasn't running during the first part of the day. After getting set up, it was finally running, so a bunch of them went to ride that. Rainah and I walked around and I got a few photos of them on the coaster.
After that we headed back over to the wave pool where the bands were playing, grabbed some dinner, and watched the show. Rainah had a great time and was so good! She had lots of fun running around with Aunt Jill and Jessica and was crashed out in the car not long after we took off. Despite the cold and the wind, we had lots of fun and it was good seeing the band and Jess!

When I told her it was time to go, Rainah came running to me in this get-up

Jess, Rainah and I riding "Winky the Whale"

Rainah's favorite of the day - the carousal

The ride everyone was waiting for

Patiently waiting while everyone was riding the coaster

Getting ready to start

The audience (in the wave pool)


Glenn and Wendy


Rainah rockin it (on top of the After's equipment)

The line for Fireflight's autographs after they played (not sure who else was left to listen to the next band!)

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