Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dora Live

Awhile back Don got and email that Dora Live! was coming to Grand Rapids and we knew Rainah would LOVE it. We weren't sure exactly what to expect (out of the show or her), but luckily we had tickets for a show early in the day, so as not to interfere with nap time! We got there and they were taking pictures that you could later order online. I had called earlier to ask what kinds of cameras were allowed and was told they did not allow any cameras. I still had my point and shoot in the diaper bag, and got a few shots, which were not good at all, but were still way better than the one they took!
We got to our seats and I tried to take a picture of the stage and was immediately reprimanded. I took a few of Rainah, which she wasn't happy about, so unfortunately I don't have many pictures to document this outing.
Rainah's face just lit up when it started and I spent most of the time just watching her. She named off all the characters as they came out and just seemed to be in awe for the first 30 minutes or so. There was a 20 minute intermission, which we could have done without, because after that she was a bit antsy and had a little episode as we were leaving, but all-in-all she did great and she loved the show and Don and I loved watching her!
These are the few photos I was able to get:

She was supposed to stand on the star for her picture- she was more interested in ripping the star off the ground... ha!

Yeah... I got yelled at for taking this picture!

Ohhh; I think I will be getting that look quite a bit in the future

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