Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrating Mama

Rainah and I came over to hang out while Justin and Jessica were in town for a bit and while we were all there, we were able to celebrate Mother's Day and mom's birthday together (unfortunately Don was working and couldn't join us). It was a gorgeous day and the kids all had a great time playing together outside before we did the cake and present thing. We all pitched in and gave mom cold hard cash so she can go buy the updated Cricut that she loves so much! Happy scrapbooking, mom! We love you!


Rainah setting the ball

...and the kick

Talan and Hayden

Giving Aunt Jessica some lovin

Rainah thought it was great to run around the yard holding Jill's hand

So everyone joined in

Tree huggers

Patiently waiting for the cake- she LOVES her cake!

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