Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney Day 4 {Downtown Disney}

After a relaxing evening and a great night sleep, we decided to go check out Downtown Disney and do a little shopping.  We started out with a Ghiradelli coffee... to DIE for!  There were lots of fun stores, including the lego store and a great toy store with sweet Mr. and Mrs. Potato head stuff.  It was a nice relaxing morning, and we had a fun lunch at the T-Rex restaurant, where there were meteor showers and dinosaurs everywhere.  Rainah had fun and it was a nice low-key day.  Here's some of the fun:

She'd fit right in with his crew!

Trying on more hats!

Those are all legos... well, Rainah is in there somewhere, too

More legos!  Amazing!

And more water to play in

Another photo opp

Lunch at T-Rex

Back at the house, relaxing with a good book!

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