Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disney Day 1 {Epcot}

Yesterday we flew into Florida and went to Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jeff's house.  They helped us plan out our first trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth" and we stayed with them the first night.  They have a beautiful home and a wonderful pool, which Rainah took a quick liking to- in her clothes and all.  At one point she leaned over a bit too far and ended up going in.  Luckily, instinct and maybe some of those swimming lessons came back and she popped right back up so Daddy could grab her.  She took a minute to catch her breath and went right back to what she was doing... (note to self - DO NOT TAKE EYES OFF RAINAH NEAR THE POOL!).  
This morning we took off and headed to the Pop Century Hotel where we were able to check in despite our early arrival time of 10:00am.  We threw our bags in our room and hopped on the bus to go over to Epcot.  We thought this may be Rainah's favorite part - riding the bus.  She loves buses! 
The flower and garden show was going on, so there were a few extra things we got to see and do there, but we made sure to hit the Nemo ride first since that is really one of the few Disney movies she has really gotten into.  She loved it and as soon as we got off, she wanted to go on another ride.  There was a huge aquarium we walked around and looked at, as well as an interactive experience with Crush the turtle.  
We did a lot of walking and at one point decided we'd better go ahead and rent a stroller so that I didn't have to keep carrying her.  We put her in it and a few minutes later a cast member gave her a few stickers.  She seemed to be staring very intently at them for quite awhile, and then I realized that she was actually sleeping.  Poor thing was beat by the middle of the afternoon.
We had a reservation at the Italian restaurant, which was amazing!  We walked around a bit more and then Rainah got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. We weren't sure exactly how she would react, but after just a little prodding, she was giving hugs, blowing kisses, and tickling them. At that point, we were all ready to get back to the hotel and get some ZZZ's before tomorrow's day at the Magic Kingdom!

Checking out the aquarium... she found lots of Nemos

A manatee eating his lettuce

Doing some coloring

A dolphin having some fun

Makin some music (by jumping on the squares with instruments)

One of the play areas

She went down the red slide, and then I lost sight of her for a second; when I saw her, she was on the "big kids" play area, half way up this thing!

Had to take a break to eat a pickle

She LOVED all the little areas with water!  Nice way to cool off!

She's OUT!  She even slept through all the drumming in Japan

Waiting to go eat in Italy

Her first meeting with the Mouse

She loved Pluto's whiskers

Blowing kisses 

She's such a ham for the camera

Waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel

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Christina said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad Rainah has some good water skills so far!