Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disney Day 2 {Magic Kingdom}

This morning we got up and had a quick breakfast at the hotel- Rainah got some Mickey Mouse waffles and thought that was great!  We got on the bus and headed out to the Magic Kingdom.  We got there just before they opened the gates and the Opening Parade was going on with the characters all dancing and singing- Rainah had a great time watching it.  Then we entered and immediately went to get a stroller!  We headed to the "Toon Town" area where there were a lot of cute things for the younger crowd- Mickey and Minnie's houses, some smaller rides, and a Goofy roller coaster.  I had been told that the roller coaster was very tame since it was for little kids, so I figured I'd suck it up and take Rainah on her first coaster.  We got right on and as it started I just waited for her to freak out and start screaming and crying.  I ended up being the one screaming (but I was able to hold the tears back ~ lol).  It had some pretty good hills and was going at a better speed than I thought it would.  I looked over at Rainah, and she just had her head down and wouldn't look up.  As the ride ended and we got off, she immediately said, "Ride again!".  So... I have told Jill and Jessica that they will be responsible for taking their niece to the amusement parks, since Don and I are NOT riders!  
After that we went on the carousal and as we were on that, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jeff called and said they were in the park.  We met up with them and did some rides (they were great tour guides!).  Rainah was starting to get tired so we stopped to let her play in one of the water areas, which she LOVED.  She got soaked- of course right before our late lunch reservations.  We headed over for our character lunch with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet.  The food was amazing and Rainah just loved all the characters coming and going from the table.  She got and gave lots of hugs and kisses, and even wanted to take a nap in Eeyore's lap!  She was so cute.  After that we played a little more and then ended up catching the Stand and Move Celebration, which was like a big street party with characters dancing, floats, and music.  She was one of the chipmunks and ran right out to him and danced with him for a long time while we all stood on the sidewalk watching.  By the time that was done, we decided we would get back to the hotel, so we got on the bus and headed back.  The bus was pretty full, so Don and I ended up standing and Rainah sat in between two ladies.  We had a nice chat with one of them (who had a 3 year old dressed up as Snow White fast asleep in her lap).  At one point, the woman's husband who was sitting nearby started laughing and said, "Boy, she's fighting it hard", and motioned toward Rainah.  She was holding onto the pole and was nodding off, but would jerk back awake.  It was so funny.  Just as the bus was coming to a stop, she almost fell right out of her seat as she just couldn't keep her little eyes open anymore.  We carried her back to the room, where, of course, she started to get her second wind.  She hung out in the room with Don while I walked about the hotel to take some pictures.  When I got back we laid down in the bed together and she was out pretty fast.  We had so much fun today, and tomorrow we're headed to Hollywood Studios! 

Daisy Duck was there right when we walked through the gates, so we HAD to stop and see her!

Rainah loved trying on hats in all the shops

The happiest family on earth in the happiest place on earth!

On the train headed to Toon Town

"Choo choo"

Mickey's house

More jumping water- so much fun!

She was very concerned about the hole in this boat

We also saw Frontier Donald

Country Bear Jamboree

Spitting Camels

The Aladdin ride - we had to settle for this because the wait for the Dumbo ride was way longer than Rainah would have ever been able to handle.

Meeting Tigger at lunch


Yes, another pickle

The characters just kept making a circle around the restaurant, so we got to see them several times.  Each time, Rainah got even more cuddly with them.

Kisses for Piglet

Here she had to get down and pretty much get in his lap

So they decided to take a little nap together

Playing in the Hundred Acre Woods

She LOVED ringing that bell

Done with the pictures!

And here is where she had a great time dancing 

These are all photos of the hotel we stayed at - Pop Century.  It was so fun seeing all sorts of things that brought back fond childhood memories!

Lady and the Tramp

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