Sunday, March 7, 2010

London Comes Home

Jill is not a fan of not sleeping in her own bed, and especially can't wait to get out of the hospital after she has a baby- she somehow got released pretty early in the day today.  Mom spent the night with Hayden and Talan and so this morning Dad, Rainah and I picked up a few things and went over to wait for them to come home.  The kids all "practiced" for when they got home.  Once they did, we just kind of hung out most of the day, taking turns holding London.  Mom made a yummy dinner for all of us, and the kids got to run around and play together.  We had a fun day and are so glad to have London as a part of the family!

The kids practicing for when Jill, Dave, and London arrive home

Talan waiting patiently

Talan happy to have his little sister home

Big brother Hayden

Dave and Hayden loving the new girl in the family

Story time

Rainah entertained herself  for quite awhile in the corner.

Papa and his newest granddaughter

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